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April 05, 2008


Sam says, "Woah! That was AWESOME!"

Thanks for entertaining my kids.

Hey Brandi & Bob!
Wow! Eli looks SO much like Brandi! His mannerisms & everything, it is amazing! I loved his movie- thank you for sharing it! :) Looks like ya'll are doing very well! I think about ya'll everytime I go to NYC- I get to go back in July!
Take care, Erica :)

Thanks for the update. We haven't been to NYC since we went you you and Helen. I hope we can make a trip back soon. Eli and Brandi are doing well. We're back were it all started. You can check our church site out at www.valleycreek.org. Tell Helen and the rest of the choir we said hello.

That is just precious!! Wow. Your kid is awesome! And who is playing piano in the background?

Hey Nathan! That's Brandi on our extremely out-of-tune piano. We need to catch up and talk now that Easter is behind us...

that is so cute. I miss yall!

My kids are having so much fun, checking out all of Eli's videos on youtube. Make more!!!

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