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April 29, 2008


I just found out about Kaulana Kanekoa's band from Maui, Kanekoa from you post... I searched them out and wow... they are amazing. They were in the Farrelly Brothers/Ben Stiller movie, "The Heartbreak Kid", Kaulana's, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" has been an internet sensation, and, they have a new record in the stores called, "Under The Coconut Sky". Thanks Bob for turning me onto the coolest new band I've found out about in a long time... I can't believe those are ukuleles!!!

I agree with you predictions and scores. I love David Archuletta. I think he's the best, but David Cook will definitely win. He is also very good - a real Chris Daughtry. I am so glad Brooke White is gone. What's up with her stopping during her song to start again. That is crazy! David Archuletta didn't do that when he messed up his words! Anyway. I am also surprised that Carly got voted off when she did. She also was very talented. Jason Castro - gotta go! He is kinda cool and different, but please! I am your number one American Idol go to girl, so anytime you miss an episode and you need some info, give me a ring!

I agree mostly with the Idol assessment although, Michael Johns was voted off way too soon. I think he is top 4 talent.

Just reading the comments here and noticed the band Kanekoa, from Maui has been written about by a few people. I saw this band in Reno a few years back -- I don't understand why they are not the next Dave Mathews, but better. It was the best live show I have ever seen. I haven't seen this movie - and judging by the comments,
I might wati till it's on cable. I would like to see Kanekoa on the big screen though - but in a concert film directed by Martin Scorcese. I suggest whoever is reading this - get a copy of "Under The Coconut Sky" at your nearest record store... You'll love it... PLEASE tour the US!!!!

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