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February 10, 2007


Hey Baby,

I'm glad we can now sit in the living room and blog one another. I love you.


Hey Bob! Good to see your blog up and running. Great job!!

Hello Bobby Ray! I found your blog, it's great! This will give us another complicated technical issue to discuss with Big Debbie that will blow her mind. Hope you have a great day....

Hey Nannie....well Big Debbie is one step ahead of you. She has her own blog now, too. I think it is either or or could even be

It's and I am not Big Debbie to any of you, thank you very much!!! How about a little respect!

Ok, Big Debbie. I am impressed! Now I can't even figure out how to log back into this thing because I can't remember my user name, this seems way too much like something you would do!

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